Become a Mentor

Become a Mentor

Mentoring is a great way to become involved in the Physics Factory. You will sharpen your science skills while also helping young students understand the world they live in.

Becoming a mentor requires no previous training in science or education -- our only prerequisite is an enthusiasm to learn.

Become a Mentor

Our instructors work side-by-side with mentors to help them develop their science and training skills. Our mentors learn to guide students through hands-on learning activities. They also assist with the live Physics Bus traveling science shows, both behind the scenes and as presenters.

If you are considering a career in science or education, the Physics Factory is a great addition to your résumé. You may also be able to earn college credit for your efforts!

Success Stories from Atzlan Academy Mentoring Program (PDF)

Comments from Our Mentors:

"Working with the Physics Factory provided a great learning experience for myself and the students. Using their own hands and ideas to experiment with, they are performing the "art" of physics. They not only get an inkling into the physical ideas, they actually made it work! No black boxes here.The factory churns out a great product, educated students with a hunger for more knowledge and mentors who are often learning just as much or more from the students."  - Rob Lee Jr., former Physics Factory mentor, Adjunct Faculty at Pima College

"This has been an excellent learning experience for both me and the student I mentored. I was able to strengthen my understanding of the topics of electromagnetic physics and at the same time I was able to help a student learn these topics as well."  - Dominic Quihuis, student mentor

"Mentoring at the Physics Factory was a wonderful experience for me. My student and I learned things together and got to put both of our creativity into the projects. We were as a team rather than mentor and student and that's what I loved about it."  - Anna Martin, Student Mentor