Get Involved

At the Physics Factory, students really get their hands dirty, exploring the guts of appliances and vehicles, building hovercraft and potato cannons, and all sorts of other activities. It's not that we have anything against textbooks, it's that we have more fun by making a good mess!

Here are some places on the web to visit if you're interested in science and physics *:

* Note: We're pointing out some fun sites on this page. Many of them have great projects to try, while others include things that should only be attempted by professionals. Be smart, and safe!

Our goal at the Physics Factory is to help make science exciting for students and instructors alike. Part of our strategy is to help teachers become comfortable with physics concepts and to introduce them to new methods of explaining these concepts. Our mentoring program is a fantastic way to work with students while also learning more about science, and how to share it.

Educator Resources

The Physics Factory tries to make it easy to learn more about physics and physics education. The following links offer interesting information about physics concepts and how to present them:

The Physics Factory aims to excite students and people of all ages about the amazing world of science. We engage students in hands-on learning activities in a safe, managed environment. Our exciting Physics Bus science shows feature student-built exhibits and student demonstrators, with supervision and guidance from our adult instructors.

The Physics Factory is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to learn more about physics and science. We offer many ways to take advantage of, and participate in, this unique venture:

The team here at the Physics Factory can always use an extra hand in creating new and exciting demonstrations. There are also many things to do behind that scenes that make the Physics Factory possible. Your time and efforts are always appreciated and we love to meet new people! Please contact us if you have some time to give.

And lastly, we thrive on new ideas (and even "new to us" ideas). We welcome all your suggestions, big and small, to improve our current projects and to create new ones.