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Physics Factory events combine dazzling displays of physics with hands-on "exploration stations" that invite discovery.

The Physics Bus, our science museum on wheels, makes frequent appearances at schools,fairs and other functions, helping make science accessible and unforgettable for area students in grades K-12.

Staffed by student presenters and Physics Factory instructors, each Physics Bus show features electrifying demonstrations that excite even the most hard-to-please audiences.

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What's more, many of our exhibits are built by students in our mentoring programs. Having students teach other students is a key component of the Physics Factory strategy.

Van de Graff Generator

Van de Graff Generator on stage

Bernoulli Ball

Bernoulli Ball hands-on station


The Physics Factory has had great success in taking its show on the road through North America:

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The Physics Bus is our science museum on wheels and it's taken us on Bus Stops from Arizona to Boston. The image of the bus had modest beginnings... Check out the Photo-history of the Physics Bus (PDF).

Original Bus

The original Physics Bus with its first paint job at Ventana Elementary School.

This brightly-colored bus was the first sign that something out of the ordinary was about to happen at a school, fair or function. It made a colorful statement, announcing that an amazing display of smoke, sparks and invisible forces is about to begin.

The bus itself is a study in science and hands-on experimentation. From its 50-foot, molecule-tipped TV antennae mast to its vegetable-oil-powered engine, the bus is itself part of the event--and something that kids talk about for hours afterward.


The Physics Bus in the Middle of Times Square in New York City.

In 2007 the Physics Factory acquired a new bus! After the truly amazing feat of making it all the way to Boston and back, our beloved blue and silver Physics Bus swallowed its last gulp of veggie oil in Benson, AZ. After months of searching high and low for a donation big enough and a bus worthy enough, we have found both! Through the generosity of the Ralph L. Smith Foundation we purchased the beautiful green "Helibus", a smoke-jumper mobile base station. It is now powered by Eegee's used fry oil, donated by Grecycle. Our new system is custom from local GT Motorworks.

New Bus

The new Physics Bus on its first tour in Prescott.