Physics Bus West

Physics Bus West

The Physics Bus is a mobile platform chock full of do-it-yourself exhibits that awaken interest and creativity. We want to launch one out of Tucson and we need your help.

The non profit Physics Factory, started by a group of educators with a sense of adventure, has offered tens of thousands of kids eye-popping, mind-bending experiences in science for over 10 years. Recently, we’ve developed a more effective way of getting kids thinking about physics: we bring a bus full of science for kids to explore extraordinary phenomena with ordinary things.

Piloted in Ithaca, NY, and Gainesville, FL over the past year, our interactive museum-on-wheels has been received with overwhelming enthusiasm and high demand. Now our team in Tucson is eager to launch a Physics Bus Southwest.

The model is easily replicable, all we need is $20,000 to make it happen.

  • $10,000 buys us a solid bus with wheelchair access and air conditioning
  • $2,000 gets us insurance, licensing and registration
  • $3,000 allows us to reclassify it, convert it, and outfit it
  • $5,000 covers the first year of fuel and volunteer support

When presented with experiences that don’t fit our model of how things work, we’re compelled to puzzle over them, searching for explanations. And because the exhibition aboard the bus is composed mainly of familiar electro-mechanical devices, kids see that physics is neither remote nor intimidating. Aligned with the growing Maker movement, this kind of hands-on science is about understanding how things work and inspiring invention.

Contribute now and in a few short months you’ll see what you helped create. Thanks!

$5 Electric High-Five

At one of our events, tell us you’re on the list for an “electric high-five” and we’ll get the electricity flowing between us.

Estimated delivery: January 2017

$20 Physics Bus Bumper Sticker

Put some do-it-yourself science bling on your car while supporting a bigger cause.

Estimated delivery: April 2016

$50 T-shirt

Someday this will be a collectors item. For now it shows that you support do-it-yourself science!

Estimated delivery: April 2016

$250 Window Sticker

Advertise your own company, brand, or whatever you like, on one of our 1ft x 2ft windows.

Estimated delivery: April 2016

$500 Physics Bus at Your Event

We will bring the Physics Bus to your school, community center, or gathering for 4 hrs.

Estimated delivery: January 2017